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About Us

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Josué Oliveras - Technology Strategist at pnwitsupport.com

IT Support So Good, You'll Forget Your Passwords on Purpose

From my earliest memories, I've been captivated by computers, intrigued by their inner workings, and the movie "Robocop" - part man, part machine, baby!

As computers evolved, so did my fascination, and I couldn't get enough of learning about them. During my teenage years, my parents bought me my first desktop computer, which ran on Windows 98. I delved into troubleshooting whenever the computer froze while playing random online games. Internet forums were my savior when search engines were emerging, and Interacting with random people and figuring things out became an exciting part of my journey.

Venturing further, I even dared to open the computer casing to explore its components. Though I encountered things I couldn't initially comprehend, I heeded Johnny Five's words from the movie ShortCircuit when he repeatedly said "No Disassemble" and left the computer alone, ensuring my uninterrupted conversations on ICQ, MSN messenger, or Comic Chat with friends.

As the internet became an integral part of our daily lives, my interest in IT deepened, and I relished every opportunity to explore and discover new technologies and practices. Throughout my journey across multiple careers, I found immense joy in problem-solving and creative solutions, witnessing the positive impact I had on the companies I worked for.


However, as I progressed in my professional life, I grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of efficient tech support that some business owners and their employees received. I vividly recall the scenes of frustration and anger when technology glitches disrupted business operations, leading to keyboards being punched and mice flying across rooms, accompanied by a flurry of colorful language.

It became evident to me that businesses and their employees deserved better. I couldn't shake the thought that if only they had access to personalized IT assistance before problems even happened, businesses would thrive.

At Pacific Northwest It Support, we don't just provide services, we're personally invested in the success of each business we work with. Their achievements are our own, and we celebrate their milestones as if they were our victories.

Knowing that we've played a part in helping businesses reach their goals and stay in business fills us with immense pride. It's a rewarding journey, and we look forward to continuing this impactful work in the years to come.

I invite you to have a conversation with me and my team about your IT framework, even if you don’t buy anything from us, your tech stories, good or bad, are always worth hearing.

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Kind Words From Our Clients

What really stood out to me was the proactive approach they took to ensure that my IT infrastructure was secure and optimized. They made valuable recommendations to enhance the performance and security of my home network.




PNW IT Support has been just what I’ve needed as I build my modern small business from the ground up. I thought I could wear all the hats as an owner/operator, but outsourcing my tech has paid me back tenfold in just a short amount of time.

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The pricing structure was transparent and reasonable, providing excellent value for the services rendered. They took the time to explain the costs involved and provided detailed breakdowns of their services, ensuring I had a clear understanding of what I was paying for.


Dr. Ahn


Josué took the time to explain the technical things our site needed in a meeting with one of our CEO's.  The work delivered was top-notch. Highly recommended. 

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Want IT Support For 21¢ A Day?

To get started, I just need 15 minutes with you on a video call.

I can explain it to you in full (although it’s very simple) and you can ask me any questions you have.

See my live calendar below and compare it to yours.